25 Items That Are Smart To Buy In Bulk To Save You Tons Of Money

These days, when so many people are struggling to stick to their budgets, knowing how to save money is crucial. Buying things in bulk might be a good way to save some money, but it does not mean you should be buying multiple quantities of every single item. There is always the risk that it will end up unused, just taking up the precious space of your tiny apartment. Therefore, it is important to know the basic rules of buying in bulk. First, you should always buy only things that you really need and use on a regular basis. Second, you should always make sure that the things you want to buy in bulk are durable enough to be still good and usable after several weeks or a month. Third, you should make sure you really do have a place to store the goods. And fourth, you should always ask yourself, “Do I really want to eat the same cereals/potato chips/pasta or whatever for the next months/years/rest of my life?” As we are fans of cool ways of saving money, we took a closer look at the pros and cons of buying in bulk and compiled a list with products that can help you stay on budget when bought in bulk. From toilet paper and batteries to toothpaste and chewing gum, here are 25 Items That Are Smart To Buy In Bulk To Save You Tons Of Money.

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Toilet paper

Toilet paperImage: pixabay.com

Toilet paper is a bulk purchase classic. It never expires or spoils, you need it every single day, and running out of it is a big problem. Let us just say there is never enough toilet paper to have around. The only drawback of buying toilet paper in bulk is the fact that is takes up a lot of space.


Bottled beverages

Bottled beveragesImage: pixabay.com

Especially now in summer, water and soft drinks are one of the things that are definitely recommended to be bought in bulk as they are consumed in massive quantities. Moreover, the price difference between an individual bottle and a bottle in a big multi-pack can be really remarkable.



BatteriesImage: freestockphotos.biz

Batteries are not among the products that people typically buy in bulk, but there is a good reason why it pays off. The multi-pack is considerably cheaper than buying individual batteries. Plus, contrary to belief, batteries have a long shelf life when kept properly in a cool and dry place.



DiapersImage: miguelb via flickr.com

Buying a huge multi-package of diapers seems a bit challenging as it might take some logistical skills to get it home safely and find room to store them, but it will definitely save you money since families with small babies use several diapers daily for quite a while.


Trash bags

Trash bagsImage: pixabay.com

Trash bags are among the things that we don’t buy very often but are desperately missed when they happen to run out. Buying trash bags in bulk saves you money and the frustrating feeling when you have nothing to put your trash into. Moreover, trash bags are very compact and easy to store.

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