25 Intriguing Things You Should Know About The Suicide Squad

With the Suicide Squad trailer surpassing Batman v Superman’s in YouTube views, there was little doubt that this highly anticipated film would be one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, even though many critics and fans don’t seem to be excited by or happy with what they’ve seen. However, there’s a lot of buzz about the movie’s unusual story, which focuses on (not to say glorifies) a bunch of antiheroes, lunatics, and supervillains. So, if you happen to be a casual moviegoer who never had heard of this comic, there’s no doubt you will have a lot of ground to cover in case you want to understand what is going on in the film.

With the exception of the Joker, there’s a strong chance that most ordinary movie fans won’t have a clue who most, if not all, of the characters in the notorious Suicide Squad are. So, here’s where we enter your life and attempt to enlighten you about one of the lesser-known but also longest lived of DC Comics’ groups with the following 25 Intriguing Things You Should Know About The Suicide Squad.


Many people wrongly consider the Suicide Squad a relatively new addition to the world of comics, but in reality it’s a bit old. Originally, we met the first version of the team back in 1959, when they appeared in The Brave and the Bold Vol. 1, #25.

suicide squadSource: dccomics.com, Image: YouTube

If you’ve ever wondered why DC Comics felt the need to create a squad of supervillains to work for the US government as special agent operatives, it’s because the good guys (some of your favorite superheroes) didn’t want to do their job.

DC superherosSource: dccomics.com, Image: YouTube

That’s why when the squad was first introduced, it was a team of almost crazy adrenaline “junkies” who were sent out against extremely dangerous threats that seemingly guaranteed their deaths. Usually, they would find themselves fighting against dinosaurs, giants, and other monstrous creatures.

suicide squad group photoSource: dccomics.com, Image: BagoGames via Flickr

The original Suicide Squad was Rick Flag Jr., Karin Grace (Flag’s girlfriend), Dr. Hugh Evans, and Jess Bright. All four decided to join the squad because they had managed to survive experiences where everyone around them had died.

suicide squadSource: dccomics.com, Image: Wikipedia

The second version of the Suicide Squad was created by John Ostrander and debuted in Legends #3 (1987).

LegendsSource: dccomics.com, Image: Wikipedia

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