25 Intriguing Facts About Mail-Order Brides

Did you know that you can order your future bride via mail or even online? To some, this may sound a bit disquieting…but it’s true. And what’s even more interesting is that marriage via “mail-order brides” is not a new practice, many men from the Western side of the world have “ordered” their brides. And get this: Most live happily ever after!

Marriage often means the beginning of a family and is meant to be a lifelong commitment. It offers the opportunity to grow in selflessness as you serve your wife or husband and children. Some believe when a man and a woman get married the “two become one” which is why; some argue, we should all be very careful when the moment comes to pick a life partner. But despite its undeniable importance, in recent times the institution of marriage has been reduced to nothing more than a sentimental ceremony between consenting adults, radically redefined, or simply abandoned altogether. Somewhere within the struggles of relationship coupling, the mail-order bride service resides.

With the long-term viability of marriage in question many people are wondering if the traditional concept of marriage is really that important. Sure, people can commit to each other without getting married and truth be told, this phenomenon is more common than ever before. However, a large percentage of people seem to prefer the tradition of marriage which might explain why a number of men still seek their wives through mail-order bride services. Despite the rapid decline of this phenomenon thanks to the Internet and the hundreds of dating sites online, mail-order bride services are still around. These are 25 Intriguing Facts About Mail-Order Brides.

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