25 International Desserts You Should Try This Christmas

Contrary to popular belief desserts are an important part of eating healthy. The key to making dessert a part of a healthy diet is thinking of them as something you should not eat on daily basis. Dessert is for special occasions such as holidays, celebrations, and can also serve as an “reward” in certain circumstances. Since one of those very special occasions— Christmas—is right around the corner we thought we’d do a little research and find 25 international desserts that will enrich your palate during the holidays. Just make sure you don’t overdo it though.

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Christmas pudding (United Kingdom)

Christmas pudding

No British Christmas is complete without a Christmas pudding and despite this wildly popular dessert (outside the UK, too) not being as delicious as some might imagine, it has become an ultimate Christmas symbol, at least throughout the UK.


Dulce de Leche (Argentina)

Dulce de Leche

Dulce de leche is the pride of Argentina. It’s a combination of milk and sugar that has been slowly cooked until the sugar caramelizes, producing a thick, creamy, intensely flavored spread. Literally translated, it means something like “candy made of sweet milk.”


Bolo Rei (Portugal)

Bolo Rei

Bolo Rei, also known as the King’s Cake, is traditional Portuguese sweet bread with nuts and crystallized (candied) fruit, served at Christmastime and on January 6th, which is Kings’ Day in the country.


Mazariner (Sweden)


These delicious Swedish Almond Tarts are thought to be a different variation of the Italian crosata di mandorle and their heritage is apparent in their etymology. They are named after the Italian-French cardinal and politician Giulio Raimondo Mazzarino, or Jules Mazari (1602–1661). That would make them nearly four hundred years old and their longevity proves only one thing: they must taste damn good to have lasted this long.


Sour Cherries Cake (Netherlands)

Sour Cherries Cake

Lovers of cherries and chocolate will love this lighter Dutch version of Black Forest cake more than any other dessert with cherries they had before.

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