25 Interesting Things About Rowan Atkinson You May Not Know

If you are not sure who Rowan Atkinson is, it’s enough to say just one name – Mr. Bean! Born on 6 January 1955, Atkinson is famous for keeping his private life as private as possible but today was his 60th birthday, which is a great occasion to sniff out some interesting facts about this great English comedian. To learn something new about Rowan Atkinson alias Mr. Bean, check out these 25 little known facts.

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Born as the youngest of four brothers in the town of Consett, Atkinson was brought up Anglican by his parents Eric and Ella May.

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While he used to be a class clown when he was young, by the time he got into his pre-teens he developed self-consciousness and became rather quiet and withdrawn.

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A very educated man, Atkinson is a graduate from two universities – the Newcastle University and the Oxford University. His thesis was on self-tuning control systems.

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When attending Durham Choristers School, Atkinson was Tony Blair's schoolmate.

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Despite being known mainly as a great actor, he also starred in a series of comedy shows for BBC Radio 3 called The Atkinson People.

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