25 Interesting Facts About Pope Francis You Probably Didn’t Know

Posted by , Updated on October 1, 2015


Pope Francis recently visited the United States, a momentous event that has left many lives changed (apparently, including current United States House of Representative Speaker John Boehner). What is it about this man that is so contagious? Is it his genuineness? His beautiful selfless acts of compassion (like kissing the feet of Aid victims and allowing the children to come near him)? Is it his humor? It could be all of this and more. The truth however stands the Pope Francis is one of the most interesting individuals on the face of our world today. He could even be one of the most interesting Popes ever! Facts about Pope Francis may confirm this statement. For example, did you know that his Holiness studied philosophy at the Catholic University of Buenos Aires and also has a master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Buenos Aires? It’s true. How about the fact that Pope Francis is the first Jesuit pope, the first from the Americas, the first from the Southern Hemisphere and the first non-European pope since the Syrian Gregory III in 741. And probably one of my favorite facts, Pope Francis worked as a bouncer in a Buenos Aries bar to help pay for his studies (in other words, don’t mess with this pope). These are but a few facts, but today we bring you 25 Interesting Facts About Pope Francis You Probably Didn’t Know.


Another “secular” thing Pope Francis loves is soccer. He is a proud supporter of San Lorenzo de Almagro Football club, a traditional soccer team from his home neighborhood.

www.telegraph.co.uk francis-football-2_2510072bwww.telegraph.co.uk

He likes J.R.R. Tolkien and has read his works. He particularly grew fond of Frodo and Bilbo whom he used as examples of hopeful heroes who are called to walk a path in the unfolding drama between good and evil.

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Apart from his modesty and humility, the Pontiff is also known to have a good sense of humor. When he was elected as Pope, he reportedly told other cardinals, "May God forgive you for what you have done." He was also photographed while good-naturedly trying on a red nose used by clowns.

cathcon.blogspot.com Pope_Francis_Red_N_2726451kcathcon.blogspot.com

Before he became a Jesuit, Pope Francis worked as a bouncer in a Buenos Aries bar to help pay for his studies.

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In the 1960´s, he taught literature, philosophy, psychology, and theology at several high schools in Argentina.

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