25 Interesting Facts About Northern Lights You Should Know Before You See Them

Posted by , Updated on September 29, 2014

Officially known as Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights are one of nature’s most spectacular visual phenomena. Appearing in many forms from patches or scattered clouds of light to streamers, arcs, curtains or shooting rays, the northern lights’ amazing light display can be observed in the sky of high latitude regions such as Norway or Canada. You might know the cause of this natural phenomenon (collision of solar wind and magnetospheric charged particles) but there are many more interesting facts about this unreal spectacle that are worth learning. Here are 25 of them, illustrated with some of the most amazing Northern Lights pictures you have ever seen.

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The most spectacular Northern Lights in recent recorded history are considered those from the "Great geomagnetic storm" on 28 August and 2 September 1859. Studies have shown that a solar storm of this magnitude occurring today would likely cause widespread problems for modern civilization.

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Astronauts on board the International Space Station are at the same altitude as the Northern Lights and see them from the side.

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The Southern Lights offer the same visual display as the Northern Lights but since the South Pole is even more inhospitable and inaccessible than the North Pole, it is more difficult to view the Southern Aurora. Therefore, the Northern Lights are more popular and get almost all the attention.

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There are several towns famous for their great conditions for watching the Northern Lights. In North America, the aurora tourism capital is Yellowknife (Northwest Territories, Canada), while Tromso (Northern Norway) is the same for Europe.

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There have been many legends about the Northern Lights. Some North American Inuit tribes call the aurora „aqsarniit“ (meaning “football players”) thinking it is the spirits of the dead playing football with a head of a walrus.

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