25 Interesting Facts About Eagles That Might Change The Way You See Them

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January 10th is the Save The Eagles Day, and we decided to raise awareness of this day and eagles in general by writing a post dedicated to these magnificent birds. The Save The Eagles Day was started as one of the campaigns to save the bald eagle, who was facing extinction in the 20th century and the efforts were successful as it was removed from the list of endangered and threatened wildlife in 2007. The national animal of the USA and a symbol of power, courage, and freedom, the bald eagle has been saved, but the future of some other species is still uncertain, making Save The Eagles Day topical every year. To show you how amazing creatures eagles actually are, we compiled this post with 25 Interesting Facts About Eagles That Might Change The Way You See Them.


With maximum air speed of 320 km/h (200 mph), the golden eagle is the fastest eagle and the second fastest bird in the world (after the peregrine falcon who can fly as fast as 389 km/h or 242 mph).

golden eagleSource: wikipedia.org

Despite all the efforts made to protect them, 68% of bald eagle deaths are still caused by humans. Scientists found that 23% of eagles died when they hit man-made objects like wires, cars, and buildings, while a further 22% died after being shot. Another 5% died after they were trapped, 9% from being electrocuted, and 11% after they had been poisoned.

bald eagleSource: thedailyresearch.com, image: www.publicdomainpictures.net (public domain)

Relative to their size, eagles' wings actually contain more power and strength than the wings of an airplane.

Crowned_eagleSource: ppcorn.com

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The bald eagle has a little hole in its tongue (known as glottis) that serves as an opening to its respiratory system.

bald eagleSource: ccbbirds.org

Most birds of prey have the habit of glancing over their shoulder just in case another predator is behind them. Not eagles, who are obviously confident enough that nothing would dare to attack them.

verreauxs_eagleSource: http://buzzghana.com

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