25 Interesting Facts About Dreams You Might Not Be Aware Of

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Dreams are a natural part of sleeping. Surprisingly, many things about dreams and their purpose still remain unknown. Nevertheless, science is making progress in discovering the mysteries behind dreams. From premonition dreams and most common nightmares to sleep paralysis, check out these 25 interesting facts about dreams you might not be aware of.

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Sleepwalking is real and can be a potentially dangerous thing. People who sleepwalk suffer from a form of REM sleep disorder where they act out complex actions while still sleeping. There have been extreme stories involving people who sleepwalk. One guy drove 10 miles and killed his in-law, then there's a 55-year-old chef who cooks while sleeping, and probably one of the most artistic ones is a the male nurse that produces "fantastical artworks" while sleepwalking.

sleepwalkingSource: Sleepeducation.org, Oddee.com

To prevent us from doing things like sleepwalking, our muscles are paralyzed during REM sleep. In some cases, however, this paralysis can carry over into the waking state for as long as several minutes. This extremely unpleasant state of mind and body is known as sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysisSource: verywell.com

We start to dream as early as in the prenatal stage of our life. Scientists have observed dreams in fetuses just around 7 months old and it is thought that the very first dreams (based just on sounds and sensation) can occur even earlier.

fetusSource: dreamdictionarynow.com

According to research, the most common setting for everyone´s dreams is their own house.

scary houseSource: dreammoods.com

Dreams are usually very subjective, influenced by our personal experiences but there are several universal themes that people all over the world seem to dream of. These themes include dreams of being chased or attacked, falling, being unable to move and being naked in public.

Man FallingSource: verywell.com

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