25 Interesting But Grim Facts About Cancer You Might Want To Know

Cancer is one of those things that will affect all of us if we live long enough. Inevitably, our cells will eventually undergo mutations that lead to cancerous growth because of issues with the DNA replication process. But even if you die long before that happens, it will almost certainly affect you through your friends and family. Given that fact, how much do you know about it? The best way to face reality oftentimes is to learn as much as you can about it. Why do we get cancer? What are the treatments? Rather than facing the inevitable without knowing anything about it, at least you will be facing something you know about. That is always easier, even if it is an uncomfortable topic. By informing yourself you will also be able to help others. Some of the best ways you can volunteer involve hospices or helping patients that have been affected by cancer. It is a scary thing to go through and will certainly change your perspective on life. So even if you have not yet had to deal with anything cancer related, consider yourself blessed and take the opportunity to prepare yourself. These are 25 Interesting But Grim Facts About Cancer You Might Want To Know.

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Cancer takes more lives than tuberculosis, AIDS, and malaria all put together

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An American man has a 50% chance of developing cancer during his life

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There are 28 million cancer survivors in the world

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Scientists have found a marijuana derived compound that can potentially stop cancer cells from multiplying

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Some studies have found that multivitamins actually increase the risk of cancer and heart disease.

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