25 Interactive Package Designs Done To Perfection

Posted by , Updated on May 19, 2016


Have you ever purchased an item only because the package looked good? You may not realize it but you probably have, and companies know this. In fact there’s a whole science devoted to designing products and advertising in such a way that they almost jump off the shelf, into your cart, and out the store (after you’ve paid for it of course). Companies have gotten really creative at grabbing your attention and have created some really cool interactive packages that are almost worth buying just for the package itself (seriously, we can’t stress enough how creative these packages are). We’re talking about hidden messages in bottles, origami beer, Mr. Clean dumbbells, and so much more. So our question to you is simple: If you were to come across any one of these interactive packages would they convince you to buy the product their advertising? You may say “no” now, but after you take a look at these 25 interactive package designs you might find yourself wondering “how did my credit card end up in my hand?”.


Spaghetti and New York City? Why not.

Creative package designsImage: www.freshdesignpedia.com

Origami beer for flower people.

Creative package designsImage: coroflot.com

This original grocery bag will always make you think about your diet.

Creative package designsImage: pinterest.com

Getting a match out of this matchbox is always fun.

Creative package designsImage: splitalk.com

This squishable wine box lets you enjoy your wine until the very last drop.

Creative package designsImage: pinterest.com

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