25 Instagram Men Who Took Manscaping Too Far

“Manscaping” can mean many things.  For some people it just means keeping facial and/or body hair neat and trimmed.  For other (in my opinion crazier) individuals, it means waxing all their hair off entirely.  Then, there’s a third group who take what they have and fashion it into works of “art” with varying levels of skill.  One thing is for certain, the possibilities are nearly unlimited and for better or worse, the hair is out there.  Here’s 25 Instagram men who took manscaping too far.




By far the most popular of the “creative” manscaping, the “mankini” is both confusing in purpose and terrifying to think what it was cut from.  Is it an improvement over the unsculpted version?  It depends who you ask.  But there’s no denying the power the mankini has to attract hot women to pose with you regardless of your… condition.


Serious love


That chest, that look, and that’s not all. I can’t show you the lower half on Instagram, but trust me it’s out there and you don’t want to find it.  Let’s just say he’s like a creepy, live, playing card.


Mankini, part two


Look at that grin!  He’s obviously having fun, and that’s obviously because this is a very temporary situation for the sake of the photo.  Kudos for having fun in the moment (and not sporting that in public.)




Some people take their faith very seriously.  This guy gets points for going with something less permanent than a tattoo while attracting a hot believer to pose with him.


The Man-Zebra


Well, if you have that much to work with, you could do a lot worse.  Granted in this (or any) case, less is probably more, but in the meantime he gets points for symmetry and the lack of some obnoxiously poor design.

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