25 Inspiring People Who Overcame Their Disabilities

Posted by , Updated on June 8, 2015


Some people may see disabilities as a limitation. However, there are others who see these disabilities, not as a limitation, but an opportunity. A chance to strive for more and accomplish what many only dream of. These brave men and women faced what most would consider an unbearable sentence and triumphed over mediocrity. From quadriplegics on surfboards to deaf composers, these are 25 Inspiring People Who Overcame Their Disabilities!

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Tanni Grey-Thompson

Tanni Grey-ThompsonSource: wikipedia

Born with spina bifida, Tanni is famous for being a prolific British wheelchair racer.


Francsico de Goya

Francsico de GoyaSource: wikipedia

The famous Spanish painter lost his hearing at 46 but went on to create some of the most well known art of the 19th century.


Sarah Bernhardt

Sarah BernhardtSource: wikipedia

The French actress had her leg amputated following a knee injury yet continued to star on stage until her death. Today she is remembered as one of France’s greatest actresses.


Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. RooseveltSource: wikipedia

President of the United States during World War II, Franklin had contracted polio earlier in life and therefore used a wheelchair in private. He was careful, however, to not be seen with it in public and was often supported on either side by his aides.


Nick Vujicic

Nick VujicicSource: wikipedia

Born without arms or legs, Nick grew up in Australia and in spite of his disability he eventually taught himself to do things like skateboard and even surf. Today he is a motivational speaker and winner of the Australian Young Citizen Award.

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