25 Insanely Unique Umbrellas

While you’ve probably never given the design of your personal umbrella a second thought, that apathetic attitude is almost certainly about to change. From creative umbrella disguises to inverted umbrellas, these 25 Insanely Unique Umbrellas have their owners eagerly anticipating rainy days. You might be too if your umbrella looked this awesome.

Cross-Eyed Cat Umbrella

crosseyed cat umbrella

We’re not laughing, you’re laughing! This cat though…


Bagged Umbrella

umbrella bag

Already have an umbrella you love but wish it were more convenient? Check this umbrella bag out! You can be completely hands free while also having a bag to put things in.




This umbrella is pretty smart! It’s not your typical umbrella shape, so it offers protection from the rain or sun when you need a new angle. Many people combine it with the umbrella bag we mentioned in #19!

Did we mention it also offers UPF 50+ for sunny days and a clamp that you can use to attach to a chair?


Flashlight Umbrella

flashlight umbrella

This umbrella is great for when you’re out at night.


Dragon Knight Umbrella

dragon slayer umbrella

For the kids or the kids-at-heart, this umbrella will make anyone feel like a brave knight!

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