25 Insanely Unique Umbrellas

Posted by , Updated on November 24, 2023

While you’ve probably never given the design of your personal umbrella a second thought, that apathetic attitude is almost certainly about to change. From creative umbrella disguises to inverted umbrellas, these 25 Insanely Unique Umbrellas have their owners eagerly anticipating rainy days. You might be too if your umbrella looked this awesome.

Goggles Umbrella

peekaboo umbrella

With this umbrella, you can look straight ahead and not at the ground without getting wet or bumping into other people.


Lightsaber Umbrella

lightsaber umbrella

Always be ready to take on the Dark Side with this cool lightsaber umbrella! It even has 7 LED colors.


Color Changing Umbrella

colorchanging umbrella

This nifty umbrella changes color when wet. It’s like magic!


Cockpit Umbrella

cockpit umbrella

No, your eyes are not deceiving you…that is an airplane cockpit umbrella. It’s the umbrella you never knew you wanted…until now.


No Hands Umbrella

umbrella hat

This umbrella is not only hands-free, it’s also a hat!


Cross-Eyed Cat Umbrella

crosseyed cat umbrella

We’re not laughing, you’re laughing! This cat though…


Bagged Umbrella

umbrella bag

Already have an umbrella you love but wish it were more convenient? Check this umbrella bag out! You can be completely hands free while also having a bag to put things in.




This umbrella is pretty smart! It’s not your typical umbrella shape, so it offers protection from the rain or sun when you need a new angle. Many people combine it with the umbrella bag we mentioned in #19!

Did we mention it also offers UPF 50+ for sunny days and a clamp that you can use to attach to a chair?


Flashlight Umbrella

flashlight umbrella

This umbrella is great for when you’re out at night.


Dragon Knight Umbrella

dragon slayer umbrella

For the kids or the kids-at-heart, this umbrella will make anyone feel like a brave knight!


Clear Sky Umbrella

clear sky umbrella

When you’re dreaming of clear blue skies, this umbrella helps with your visualization.


The Dome/Helmet Umbrella

cloud 10 umbrella

This umbrella is uniquely designed to withstand even extreme weather conditions. The bonus? It’s got a pretty unique shape that is sure to make others do a double-take.


Inverted Umbrella

reversable umbrella

This umbrella is one of the coolest, practically speaking. It’s handle functions as both a hook and an arm hole so you can go hands-free. It also folds up inversely so you don’t have to get soaking wet trying to fold it up while getting into your car. Pretty darn cool.


Vintage Lace Umbrella (Parasol)


This one isn’t recommended for the rain, but it’s really great for saving you from the sun’s harmful rays! It’s also very vintage and classy.



doggie umbrella

Keep your pet dry during walks, too, with this clever doggie umbrella!


Sword Umbrella

sword umbrella

This novelty umbrella is for when you want people to think you’re a ninja…but you’re really just someone who hates to get wet.


Couples Umbrella

couples umbrella

A little rain getting in the way of a lover’s stroll? Not anymore! This couples umbrella is big enough for the both of you.


Lettuce Umbrella

lettuce umbrella

For those who just really really love their greens, this umbrella is for you!


Rain Cloud Umbrella

wine umbrella

…and for the wine lovers.


Harry Potter Marauder's Map Umbrella

hp umbrella

If you “Solemnly Swear” you’re up to no good, this umbrella has got you covered.


Heart Umbrella

heart umbrella

This cute and simple heart umbrella will help you spread the good vibes and love.


Starry Sky Umbrella

starry sky umbrella

If you love looking at the stars, this umbrella is for you.


Tree Umbrella

tree umbrella

Let’s face it. Trees are cool. Now you can take one on your umbrella!


Body Umbrella

body umbrella

This umbrella doubles as a rain hood and a UFO costume.


Galaxy Umbrella

galaxy umbrella

We know we have a lot of space fans, so if that’s you, check this umbrella out!