25 Insane Photoshop Fails

Posted by , Updated on January 27, 2016

These days, modeling companies, magazines, advertising agencies and even social media-addicts are finding it hard to do without Photoshop. Created in 1988, this raster graphics editor has ruled over the digital world. When used by an experienced professional, it can yield some stunning photographic gems. However, if you lack the expertise to work with this program or if you are not careful enough, you can end up with some extreme (and hilarious) Photoshop disasters. This little detail however does not deter some Photoshop hopefuls who seek to grace the world with their artistry (or just want to make their photos look better). Consequently, the internet has been flooded with thousands of awkwardly altered photos of people who just wanted to look better but ended up looking downright scary. Instead of making their images more attractive, they succeeded in offering the internet something to laugh at. Hey, we’re not complaining, everyone needs something to laugh at right? From models missing some of their body parts and hilarious fake bodybuilders to blatantly phony forced-perspective pictures, check out these 25 insane Photoshop fails.

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When you get a multi-pack instead of a common six-pack.

Photoshop failsImage: www.memecabin.com

These models should definitely find new retouchers.

Photoshop failsImage: robertoblake.com

This poor boy´s left arm seems to have some issue.

Photoshop failsImage: dailyinferno.com

Nicky Minaj and Coco Austin combined.

Photoshop failsImage: www.breinguash.com

How to turn a model into a giraffe.

Photoshop failsImage: www.buzzfeed.com

Almost bought it.

Photoshop failsImage: slickamericans.com

No pain, no gain.

Photoshop failsImage: runt-of-the-web.com

This one looks more convincing but still has some minor imperfections.

Photoshop failsImage: www.failking.com

Whoever did this should be never allowed on a computer again.

Photoshop failsImage: www.wittyfeed.com

Arms seem to be a very common subject of some of the craziest Photoshop fails.

Photoshop failsImage: fox4kc.com

Yep, something is wrong here.

Photoshop failsImage: www.wittyfeed.com

The belly is gone. So is the palm.

Photoshop failsImage: gotsmile.net

Nice try but just too many legs.

Photoshop failsImage: dailyinferno.com

Would be a great photo without the ghost fingers.

Photoshop failsImage: www.huffingtonpost.ca

Miscalculated proportions.

Photoshop failsImage: thecrazyfeed.com

Like a boss!

Photoshop failsImage: seriouslymen.com

Nice but a bit overwhelming smile.

Photoshop failsImage: www.pleated-jeans.com

Holding a hand of an invisible friend.

photoshop-mistakes-mega-magazine-coverImage: www.hotcourses.com

Looks like someone was in Paris.

Photoshop failsImage: www.pleated-jeans.com

Life is unfair. While some models have two belly buttons…

Photoshop failsImage: www.buzzfeed.com

…others have none.

Photoshop failsImage: www.pinterest.com

When you forget to Photoshop the mirror.

Photoshop failsImage: thumbpress.com

Wouldn’t notice anything, if it wasn't for the crooked door.

Photoshop failsImage: www.buzzly.fr

A model missing some unimportant body parts.

Photoshop failsImage: www.buzzfeed.com

Just a little bit too big-headed, man.

25 Insane Photoshop FailsImage: maximumbhp.wordpress.com

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