25 Insane Miniature Food Sculptures

How could something so unbelievably and intricately tiny look like real edible food? Sculptors nowadays have their way with masterpieces that are smaller than your pinky. So realistic (and delicious looking) are these crazy miniatures that if not photographed beside a coin or a matchstick, these art pieces would be the cause for some major cravings. Try not to salivate too much as you check out these 25 insane miniature food sculptures.

25 chips_tnhttp://forum.crnobelo.com/
24 happy meal_tnwww.flickr.com

23 churros_tnhttp://sef-we.tk/
22 cheese_tnwww.portalnet.cl

21 cold cuts_tnhttp://us.24h.com.vn/

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