25 Insane Human Practices That Prove History Was Terrifying

Various studies throughout the years have shown that when most people are asked to fix the period in history during which the human race was most happy and prosperous, they tend to always go back to the past while simultaneously finding a lot of flaws in the age they are living in. However, it’s been proven that no historical era was “perfect” and that every human society has been flawed. So next time you hear your grandma say that the world is becoming amoral, violent, and weird just show her these 25 insane human practices and remind her that it has always been like this.

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In places like Greece and Rome, if you were found guilty of violating a local law you would be forced to leave your home and go to another region away from your family and friends either permanently or for a fixed period of time.

The Parthenon

If you had the misfortune of living in most parts of Asia about two thousand years ago you would be terrorized at the sound of the word bastinando. What was bastinando you ask? Well, it was the practice of beating a person on the soles of their feet with a stick. Because the soles of the feet are vulnerable it was a very painful form of discipline.


Beheadings was a very popular method of punishment in medieval Europe. And though, for the most part, beheading seemed to be more merciful than hanging, that was not always the case. Sometimes several blows were needed to sever the person’s head. resulting in a rough and painful execution.


Birching was a form of punishment and pretty much meant beating a person across the backside with birch twigs. It used to be a popular punishment in British schools and was imposed by the courts for minor offences. Birching for minor crimes was abolished in Britain in 1948.


In medieval England a not-so-humane law allowed poisoners to be boiled alive. In 1532 a cook named Richard Rose was boiled alive and then years later a woman named Margaret Davy was boiled alive too. Nobody ever accused the Brits of being sensitive.

Boiled water

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