25 Insane Falls People Miraculously Survived

Falling from heights of 200 feet and above can spell certain doom for most people. However, there are those select few that have defied the common law of death and have survived plunges of even greater depths. Here are 25 insane falls people miraculously survived.


James Boole survived a fall of 6,000 feet without a parachute


As unbelievable as it may sound, James Boole survived a terrifying skydiving accident with only a broken back and ribs. It’s estimated that when Boole hit the ground, he was falling at about 100 kilometers per hour.


Kevin Hines jumps from the Golden Gate Bridge


The Golden Gate bridge is a marvelous piece of architecture with an alarming statistic; it’s the single site with the highest frequency of suicides. It should therefore come as no surprise that Kevin Hides would choose this site to end his life. Jumping from a height of 245 feet, Hines was well on his way to an abrupt encounter with the waters below when on the way down he decided he wanted to live. So he made a life saving decision by changing his body position and plunging into the waters feet first.


Cliff Judkins survives a 15,000 feet drop


Pilot Cliff Judkins was flying an F-8 fighter when a mid-air refueling accident forced him to jump from his aircraft. Unfortunately for him, his parachute failed to deploy as he barreled down towards the sea from a height of 15,000 feet. He sustained a broken back, ankles, pelvis, and a collapsed lung, plus suffered kidneys and intestine failure.


Unidentified Russian BASE jumper survives a jump from 400 feet

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This video would be incredibly alarming if it wasn’t for the fact that the unidentified guy survives (with only a broken vertebrate, pelvis and legs).


Christine McKenzie survives a two mile fall plus power lines


South African Christine McKenzie was a veteran skydiver who was on her 112th jump when both her main and reserve parachutes failed to deploy. As she raced towards earth from a height of about 11,000 feet, McKenzie fell on power lines but was not electrocuted. Rather the power lines helped brake her fall thus saving her life.

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