25 Insane Coming Of Age Ceremonies And Traditions

From jumping over cows to sacrificing enemies these are 25 insane coming of age ceremonies and traditions.

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Mentawai Teeth Sharpening

coming of age ceremonies and traditions

When young female Mentawaians reach puberty they sharpen their teeth with a rock and chisel, and file them down to points. It is supposed to look beautiful.


The Krypteia

coming of age ceremonies and traditions

As part of a “graduation” exam, young Spartan boys would be pitted against captured slaves in a sort of death match called the Krypteia. The “barely teenagers” would employ all of their lethal Spartan training to quickly finish their foes.


Fula Whip Match

coming of age ceremonies and traditions

Young Fula boys must engage in a whipping match with boys from a neighboring tribe. During the match they cannot show any sign of pain. Whoever the crowd deems the winner earns the right to be called a man.


Iria Ceremony

coming of age ceremonies and traditions

The Orika tribe in Nigeria believe that young girls have romantic relationships with water spirits. Before their marriage they must go down to a river and perform the Iria ritual which involves singing songs to break their relationship to the water spirits.


Hamar Cow Jumping

coming of age ceremonies and traditions

Men of the Hamar tribe in Ethiopia must undergo a ceremony where they are whipped by the other men of the tribe. They then run across the backs of four castrated bulls to become a man.

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