25 Fast Facts About Ink Blot Tests You Probably Didn’t Know

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Have you ever heard of an ink blot test? No? Well, let us introduce you. Basically, it involves looking at blobs of ink and saying what you think you see. Okay, so it’s a bit more complicated than that. Today, we’re going to explore how some blobs of ink changed the world of psychology. These are 25 Fast Facts About Ink Blot Tests You Probably Didn’t Know.


There have been various differences noted in the way that people from different cultural backgrounds answer the questions. (This usually involves the images they see or the way they describe the blots.)


The Rorschach test was administered to 22 Nazi officers during the Nuremberg trials. Nothing was definitively learned, but those tested saw a variety of things, from people dancing to dissected insects.

nuremberg trialsSource: newsweek.com

The test has found its greatest level of popularity in Japan. When one of the country's leading psychiatrists read about the test in a secondhand book store, it took off and hasn't slowed down.


In the US and UK, it has been called pseudoscience by many skeptics. There was even a call for a moratorium on the test in 1999.


Even courts have passed rulings on the dubiousness of the ink blot test (Jones v Apfel in 1997 for example). The battle, however, continues to rage.


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