25 Influential Pieces Of Ancient Greek Architecture

Ancient Greek architecture is most popular for its temples. This type of architecture was produced by the Hellenic people whose culture thrived on Mainland Greece, the Aegean Islands and in colonies in the Asia Minor between 900 BC and 1st century A.D. Buildings and temples built during this era were characterized by their highly formal structures and decorations. Most of them looked like buildings elevated on the ground such that the proportions and the effects of light on its surfaces could be viewed at all angles. Public buildings and domestic buildings built at the time were best known for their columns and lintels, entablatures and pediments, masonry bases and spanned doors and windows. Here is a list of 25 influential pieces of Ancient Greek Architecture:


Temple of Artemis. Corfu, Greece. 580 B.C.

Temple of Artemis. Corfu, Greece. 580 B.C.scodpub.wordpress.com

One of the most ancient edifices in Corfu, Greece, the Temple of Artemis was built and dedicated to Artemis and functioned as a sanctuary. It is known as the first Doric temple that was exclusively built with stone and the first building to have integrated all the elements of the Doric architectural style.


Temple of Hera. Olympia, Greece. 590 B.C.

Temple of Hera. Olympia, Greece. 590 B.C.www.gtp.gr

Also known as Heraion, the Temple of Hera is an ancient Doric Greek temple that was destroyed by an earthquake in the early 4th century A.D. and was never rebuilt. Today, the ruined temple is where the torch of the Olympic flames is located and lit. This temple was dedicated to Hera, a female deity in Greek religion.


The Temple of Apollo. Corinth, Greece. 540 B.C.

The Temple of Apollo. Corinth, Greece. 540 B.C.www.mesogeia.net

Located in Isthmus of Corinth, the Temple of Apollo was very similar to the Temple of Hera at Olympia, only that it was built entirely on stone. The broad capitals of this temple were carved as separate pieces and were coated with marble stucco.


The Temple of Aphaia. Aegina, Greece. 490 B.C.

The Temple of Aphaia. Aegina, Greece. 490 B.C.www.artchive.com

Located within the sanctuary complex dedicated to goddess Aphaia, the Temple of Aphaia lies in the Saronic Gulf and stands on a 160-meter peak on the eastern side of the island. This temple has a peripheral hexa-style plan with 12 columns along each of its sides. It also has a ceramic roof and pedimental sculptures.


The Temple of Zeus. Olympia, Greece. 460 B.C.

The Temple of Zeus. Olympia, Greece. 460 B.C.www.eurail.com

Designed by Libon of Elis, the Temple of Zeus at Olympia was an ancient Greek temple dedicated to the chief of the gods; Zeus. It was built between 472 B.C. and 456 B.C. and served as the very model of the fully developed classical Greek temple of the Doric order. It had carved metopes and triglyph friezes, as well as pediments filled with sculptures in the Severe Style.

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