25 Most Indestructible Things Known To Man

Nothing is truly indestructible, however somethings are definitely made better than the rest. As you will see in this list, there are watches that can withstand the blast of a bomb, houses than can survive 300 mph hurricanes, tires that never deflate; and much, much more. These are the 25 most indestructible things known to man (so far).

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Indestructible Books


Designed with children in mind, these books are made out of a paper-like material that can’t be ripped, torn, or punctured.
What’s more, the books are waterproof and non-toxic.


Indestructible 'One World Futbol'


Made from a unique foam, this ball never deflates even after multiple punctures.


Indestructible Business Cards


Developed in Japan, these cards are waterproof and tear-proof and can even be stored in a full glass of water.


Polaris 'Never Flat' tire


Made with a web of plastic honeycombs surrounded by a thick band of rubber tread, these tires are so durable that they have been shot at with a .50 caliber bullet and were still able to function for 5,000 miles.


Bullet proof suit


Like something straight out of a James Bond movie, and at an estimated $20K, the Garrison Bespoke “armored business suit” is able to protect its wearer from a gun assault by using the same carbon nanotubes designed for the US troops’ uniforms in Iraq.

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