25 Incredibly Lame But Somewhat Useful Superpowers

Superpowers are by their very nature not lame. How could they be? They’re super. It’s in the name. Today though, we are going to switch things up just a little bit. Obviously this list isn’t meant to be informative. It’s not even meant to be funny. It’s more of a thought experiment. Is it possible? Could we possibly come up with superpowers that are so lame you wouldn’t even be excited about having them, but at the same time so useful that you would probably use them more than you would think? The answer is, yes. We can come up with those superpowers, and we did come up with those lame and useful superpowers.

Whether it is the ability to find exactly what you are looking for or the ability to wake up exactly when you want to, these superpowers are too lame to brag about. Your friends would definitely not be impressed, and even if you wanted to impress them, there’s not too many impressive things that you could do with your superpower anyway. So, in honor of all the normal, average, regular Joes and Janes out there, let’s take a closer look at these 25 incredibly lame but somewhat useful superpowers.

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Featured Image: Gareth Simpson via Flickr

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