25 Incredible Planets We Could Live On Someday

Have you ever wondered if humans could live on other planets besides Earth? With so many star systems and planets in the Universe, the likelihood of other habitable planets is very high. So, what do we mean by habitable? Usually, it means that a rocky planet is within the habitable zone of its star and is capable of housing water. So, it doesn’t necessarily mean humans can fly out there and make camp. While many planets might not be totally habitable for human life, being within the habitable zone and having water is a good start. With the right technology, we one day could transform it or create an artificial environment to live there. Ready to trek into space and visit a possible new planet to call home? Here are 25 Incredible Planets We Could Live On Someday.

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Kepler-283cSource: http://www.exoplanetkyoto.org/exohtml/Kepler-283_c.html, http://www.openexoplanetcatalogue.com/planet/Kepler-283%20c/

First discovered in 2014, this planet is located roughly 1,741 light years away from Earth. It’s in the habitable zone and also orbits its star for 92.7 days.



milky way galaxySource: http://www.exoplanetkyoto.org/exohtml/Kepler-1544_b.html, https://www.theweathernetwork.com/news/articles/kepler-study-more-than-doubles-number-of-known-alien-worlds/67580

A newly discovered planet, first announced in 2016, Kepler-1544b is 1,138 light-years away. It orbits around its star every 168.8 days. While it’s in the habitable zone, it’s just scratching the surface.


Gliese 180 c

Triple-star_sunsetSource: http://www.21stcentech.com/planetary-habitability-lab-keeping-catalog-planets-humans-move/

This planet is 38 light years from our solar system and, of course, is also in the habitable zone. It’s considered a super-Earth, measuring about 6.4 times larger than our planet.



Kepler-440bSource: https://misanthropester.com/2015/11/29/alcyoneus-kepler-440b/

Orbiting around an orange dwarf star, this planet takes about 101 days to revolve around it. While it’s in the habitable zone, some believe it’s likely a gaseous planet. Of course, if that’s the case, then it wouldn’t exactly work for us to live there. But who knows? Maybe it’ll turn out to be rocky?



water worldSource: https://www.space.com/32852-alien-earth-search-nasa-kepler-space-telescope.html

This planet orbits a star very much like our own sun, but it’s also 60 percent wider than Earth. While it’s not identical to Earth, there is a likelihood water could exist on the planet, and it’s thought to be more Earth-like than many other exo-planets.

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