25 Incredible Exotic Birds That Will Blow Your Mind

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If you’re a fan of beautiful things, you’re going to love these exotic birds! Some of these birds are dripping with color and love to show them off. Even birds that many not be as pretty as the rest are remarkable in their sheer size. Are you familiar with all these exotic birds? Maybe you’ve seen some of them in your backyard? If so, consider yourself lucky. Check out these 25 Incredible Exotic Birds That Will Blow Your Mind.


Splendid Fairywren

Splendid FairywrenSource: scientificamerican.com; theguardian.com

The Splendid Fairwren is probably one of the most peculiar Australian birds when it comes to its reproduction. Sexually dichromatic, the male wren normally looks similar to the female with pale brown upperparts and a long blue tail. But when the male is trying to breed, he displays dramatic blue plumage.


The Rainbow Lorikeet

The Rainbow LorikeetSource: scientificamerican.com; birdlife.org

The Rainbow Lorikeet can be found throughout the rainforests of Australia and Papua New Guinea. They can also be found in the city of Perth….which is a problem. Rainbow lorikeets in Perth are aggressive around nesting hollows. They prevent native birds such as the Australian Ringnecks from nesting, to the point of even dragging their nestlings and dropping them onto the ground.


Long-Tailed Widowbird

Long-Tailed WidowbirdSource: scientificamerican.com: biodiversityexplorer.org; h2g2.com

Currently, there are three isolated populations of the long-tailed Widowbird. One is located in Kenya, another from Angola to Zambia, and the other in southern Africa. Named by Dutch naturalist Pieter Boddaert in 1783, the name comes from the bird’s black plumage (which only occurs during mating season). Speaking of mating season, female widowbirds are attracted to the males’ long tails, which can reach lengths of over 16 inches (15 cm) long!


Horned Sungem

Horned SungemSource: planetofbirds.com

Mainly found in central and eastern Brazil, the horned sungem is a beautiful hummingbird that inhabits woodlands, grasslands, and gallery forests. This little hummingbird measures about 9 to 11 cm (3.254 to 4.33 inches) which is about the size of a folded wallet (length). Packed within this tiny frame, the horned sungem displays a striking color combination of greens, yellows, black, white, and blues.


Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise

Wilson's Bird-of-ParadiseSource: BBC.com

Probably the most unique bird on our list, the Wilson’s bird of paradise has a dizzying array of beautiful colors. At least the male does. The females are a dull shade of brown. But the males use these colors in an elaborate dance in order to impress the female. For her part, the female will sit on a branch above the male to watch and critique the show. By the way, that patch of turquoise on this male’s head is actual skin…not feathers.

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