25 Incredible Exotic Birds That Will Blow Your Mind

If you’re a fan of beautiful things, you’re going to love these exotic birds! Some of these birds are dripping with color and love to show them off. Even birds that many not be as pretty as the rest are remarkable in their sheer size. Are you familiar with all these exotic birds? Maybe you’ve seen some of them in your backyard? If so, consider yourself lucky. Check out these 25 Incredible Exotic Birds That Will Blow Your Mind.


Curl-Crested Aracari

Curl-Crested AracariSource: smithsonianmag.com; adventuresintoucanland.com; aviary.org; post-gazette.com

It’s Toucan Sam! Fruit Loops anyone? On a serious note, the Curl-crested Aracari is a stunningly beautiful (and yet so bizarre) species of toucans that is among the largest in the aracari family. Its name comes from its unusual crest, which has black, short, glossy, curly feathers. Surprisingly, this bird is not endangered, but its natural habitat has been threatened by mining.


The Bali Bird of Paradise

The Bali Bird of ParadiseSource: smithsonianmag.com; bioexpedition.com

Found on the island of New Guinea, it is unlikely that you will ever see one in person because they live in some of the most inaccessible areas of the world. These birds are strikingly beautiful and are known for their weird sometimes comical behavior (such as hanging upside down from branches).


The Kingfishers

KingfisherSource: smithsonianmag.com

These birds use their long bills to catch fish, fly them to their perch, and beat them senseless. Seriously. Then they eat the fish head first. Aside from their aggressive eating mannerism, you can find these beautiful birds in almost any waterside habitat such as on the edge of small streams and ponds, large rivers and lakes, and even rocky coastlines.


The African Crowned Crane

swan2Source: livescience.com

The African Crowned Crane is an elegant bird that is distinguished by its gray body and white wings. Its feathers vary between white, brown, and gold and its head is crowned with narrow golden feathers with a face that has striking white cheek patches. This bird can be found in the marshes of the African savanna, just south of the Sahara.


The Hoopoe

The HoopoeSource: livescience.com: fromthegrapevine.com

The national bird of Israel, the Hoopoe is found throughout Africa and Eurasia. This bird is notable for its distinctive crown and it’s unique “oop” call from which it gets its name.

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