25 Incredible DC Comic Battles That You Should Know About

Posted by , Updated on January 17, 2024

DC comics have brought to audiences everywhere decades of battles and dramatic tensions between the forces of evil and the forces of good. Though there are many iconic battles that could arguably hold the limelight for being ‘the best’ or ‘the most significant’ to any comic enthusiast, we condensed the endeavor to 25 incredible DC comic battles that you should know about. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

Superman vs. Doomsday

Superman vs. Doomsdayhdwpapers.com

An indestructible harbinger of death and destruction, Doomsday battled the Justice League of America and almost annihilated them leaving Superman to face the creature alone. The hero and the villain reached Metropolis, pummeling each other viciously and in the end the creature was defeated at the cost of Superman’s life.


Superboy Prime vs. Teen Titans

Superboy Prime vs. Teen Titanswww.killermovies.com

Superboy Prime, a superhero from another multiverse who turned into a super-villain, went to the home of Jonathan and Martha Kent to try and make some sense of the DC world he found himself in. After meeting Conner kent (the Superboy of this world) and getting an awkward interaction from him, Superboy prime engages Conner in battle, out matching him easily. However, with the help of the Teen Titans and the alliance of the Flashes they were able to defeat Superboy Prime by dragging him into the speed force.


Golden Age Heroes vs. Dynaman

JSA vs Dynamanasitecalledfred.com

The battle between the Golden Age Heroes and Dynaman began when Thompson was possessed by the Ultra-Humanite who used his mind-transfer abilities to put someone else’ consciousness in the body of Dynaman (that of Adolf Hitler). When the Golden Age Heroes found out, they converged upon Dynaman for an epic battle. In the end, many lives where lost but Dynaman was taken down.


Batman, Nightwing, Damian vs. The Heretic

Batman, Nightwing, Damian vs. The Hereticwww.listofcomicbooks.com

Griped with grief, Bruce tries to prove that he could have saved his son by enduring a simulation repeatedly. Joined by Nightwing and the robin, Batman fights in the simulation and eventually accomplishes his much coveted goal.


Superman vs. Lex Luthor

Superman vs. Lex Luthorsupermanrebirth.wikia.com

In an ironic twist of fate, the supervillain was able to acquire the powers of Superman and the superhero was almost powerless. However, through the use of a gravity gun, Superman was able to warp the time around Lex Luthor, speeding up the 24 hour time frame on the super formula consumed by Luthor to gain superman’s powers. In the end, the superhero was able to beat Luthor before dying himself.


Wonder Woman, Orion, War vs. First Born

Wonder Woman, Orion, War vs. First Bornweeklycomicbookreview.com

The first born child of Zeus and Hera and brother to Wonder Woman (aptly named First Born) confronts the likes of Orin, Wonder Woman and war creating a cataclysmic battle that leaves Wonder Woman unconscious, Orion soundly defeated and War at First Born’s mercy. Nevertheless, this scenario gives fruit to what has been labeled as one of the most controversial scenes in the Wonder Woman Spreads, the killing of war by Wonder Woman’s hands.


Superman vs. Mongul

Superman vs. Mongulwestfieldcomics.com

For Superman’s birthday Wonder Woman, Batman, and Robin decide they are going to pay Superman a visit with some presents. However, the villainous Mongul reaches Superman first and gives him the Lotus flower. This flower forces it’s victims to be trapped in an illusion of their happiest fantasy. Superman was able to fight off the Lotus and repays Mongul’s gift with his fists.


Superman Prime vs. Ion

Superman Prime vs. Ioncomicbooks.about.com

In order to stop Superman Prime from coming back to earth, the most powerful green lantern of them all; Daxamite Green Lantern Sodam Yat, confronted the villainous Superman Prime ensuing in a epic and destructive brawl. In the end, the Green Lantern was outmatched, reduced to a bloody mess.


Wonder Woman vs. Mind-Controlled Superman

Wonder Woman vs. Mind-Controlled Supermanwww.comic-book-nerd.com

When the mind of Superman is successfully taken over by the likes of Lord, Wonder Woman has to fight the Man of Steel to save Batman’s life (whom Superman almost kills). Obviously Wonder Woman is no match for Superman so in order to stop him Wonder Woman resorts to a last measure and kills Lord.


Superboy Prime vs. Superboy

Superboy Prime vs. Superboycforum1.cari.com.my

In order to stop the villainous plan of Superboy Prime and Alex Luthor to merge various Earths into one perfect Earth, Conner broke into Luthor’s headquarters with Wonder Woman and Nightwing where eventually they confronted Superboy Prime. Though not as strong as Superboy Prime, Conner was able to exchange blows with the villain, eventually making him crash into a tower that was key to Luthor’s plan. The valiant battle ended with the death of Conner in his girlfriend’s arms.


Batman vs. Ra’s Al Ghul

Batman vs. Ra’s Al Ghulbdmarveldc.blogspot.com

By taking on the identity of Matches Malone, Batman teamed up with a scientist who had worked with Ra’s to stop Ra’s from unleashing a deadly plague. Eventually Batman and Ra’s had a duel in the desert which Batman would have won but in the midst of the fighting, a scorpion stung Batman almost killing him. However (Spoiler alert) the daughter of Ghul (overcome by her love for Batman) gives Batman an antidote.


Legion of Superheroes vs. The Forces of Darkseid

Legion of Superheroes vs. The Forces of Darkseidwww.cosmicteams.com

A complex and riveting story The fight between the Legion of Superheroes and the Forces of Darkseid occurred in the Great Darkness Saga. It began when the Legion learned that the dark beings were reverse-clones of powerful beings such as Superman and the Guardian of the Universe. The Legion fought against the brainwashed Daxamites through the help of Highfather (disguised as a child).


Supergirl vs. Anti-Monitor

Supergirl vs. Anti-Monitorwww.animevice.com

Following an assault initiated by Anti-Monitor, Supergirl took on Anti-Monitor to let the rest of the heroes escape and save their lives. Unfortunately, Supergirl died in the ensuing battle.


Justice League vs. Hyperclan

Justice League vs. Hyperclannerdsontherocks.com

The Justice League was in big trouble when Superman was captured and held under kryptonite control. However, thanks to Batman breaking into the Hyperclan’s layer (later revealed to be white Martians), the Man of Steel was freed and the Hyperclan soundly defeated.


Batman vs. Bane

Batman vs. Banewww.goodreads.com

Arguably one of Batman’s most iconic battles was held with the substance abusing Bane and ended with Batman’s broken back. By releasing asylum prisoners and forcing Batman to capture them all within a week’s time, Bane successfully tired Batman out to the point that when Bane came after Batman, Batman was too debilitated to confront him.


Batman vs. Joker

Batman vs. Jokerthedesigninspiration.com

The infamy of this battle ironically has little to do with fighting. The story proceeds as usual, the joker hurts people and tries to make them insane (in this case Barbara and commissioner Gordon) but then Batman stops him. However, in this particular issue, something that Batman is not known for happens…Batman, laughs with the Joker. One of the only times that has or ever will happen.


Superboy Prime vs. Superman

Superboy Prime vs. Supermandreager1.com

Superboy Prime planned to destroy Oa and the Green Lantern Corps tried to stop him. The other two Supermen, Kal-el and Kal-L showed up and dragged prime to the red sun of Krypton for a duel. They were all powerless and resorted to a fist fight. Kal-el succeeded in putting the kibosh to Prime but Kal-L died because of the wounds that he sustained during the fight.


Superman vs. The Elite

Superman vs. The Eliteifanboy.com

In a time when Superman’s ways are becoming old fashioned and people are clamoring for the death of supervillains, a group known as the Elite step into the lime light and offer to do what Superman can’t; permanently end the lives of these supervillains. Found in Action Comics issue #775, Superman deals not only with the sadistic Elite, but also with his decreasing popularity.


Batman vs. Guy Gardner

Batman vs. Guy Gardnerthegreenlanterncorps.com

Not really a battle but more of a humorous iconic moment, the green lantern Guy Gardnerer challenged Batman (bad idea) to a fist fight in order to prove Batman’s ineptness to lead the new Justice League. Needless to say, Guy Gardnerer ends up on the floor.


Flash vs. Professor Zoom

Flash vs. Professor Zoomgoodcomics.comicbookresources.com

Professor Zoom is a scientist who possess the ability to access the speed force. In this story, he disguises himself as the Flash and pretends to be Barry Allen (to the point of believing that he indeed was Barry Allen). However, Zoom’s evil personality eventually takes over and pits him against Wally West who embraces his role as the Flash and ultimately stops Zoom.


Deathstroke vs. Justice League

Deathstroke vs. Justice Leaguecosmicrash.blogspot.com

In order to protect the Villain Dr. Light, the tactical genius Deathstroke engages the Justice League (minus Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman) leaving the green lantern knocked out, Hawkman wingless, Zatanna speechless, Green Arrow Arrowless, and the Flash gravely wounded. Thanks to the quick thinking of Green Arrow however, the Justice League was able to gain the upper hand and finally defeat the mercenary villain.


DC Superheroes vs. Anti-Monitor

DC Superheroes vs. Anti-Monitorpowerlisting.wikia.com

The Anti-Monitor wanted to destroy the multiverse (what else is new) so the five Earths had to fight against him. Through the intervention of superheroes such as Superman of Earth-2, Alex Luthor of Earth-3 and Superboy of Earth-Prime, the Anti-Monitor was thrown into a star and killed.


Superman vs. Captain Marvel

Superman vs. Captain Marvelhero-envy.blogspot.com

Mislead by Lex luthor, Captain Marvel (crudely known as Shazam) attempts to place a bomb in the middle of the city (how is that ever a good idea) which ensues in a battle between the red crusader and the man of steel. Lex’s plot is eventually revealed but not before Superman proves his superiority against the likes of Captain Marvel.


Batman vs. Superman

Batman vs. Supermanwww.planetofthepenguins.com

Batman outdoes himself in this epic battle as he throws everything in his arsenal at the man of steel and proves that brute strength is not entirely necessary. There is a reason why he is known as THE Batman.


Batman vs. Mutant Leader

Batman vs. Mutant Leaderforums.spacebattles.com

An aged Batman confronts the savage Mutant Leader in this Epic battle that nearly kills the Dark Knight. But thanks to Batman’s young friend (and wanna be robin), is saved via a distraction that gives Batman enough time to unleash his gadgets upon the mutant leader, eventually defeating him.