25 Incredible Cities Lost In Time

Since the 18th century, many explorations in different countries have led to the rediscovery of what we know today as the “lost cities” of the world. Reasons why these cities were lost in time and forgotten for centuries include the total abandonment of its inhabitants, climate change, massacres, conquests and natural disasters. Today, many of them are considered among the most famous tourist attractions in the world. Here is a list of 25 cities lost in time:

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A Roman colonial town located in Algeria, Timgad was founded by Emperor Trajan in 100 A.D. When It was sacked by the Vandals in the 5th century and then two centuries later by the Berbers, the thriving city disappeared from history until its excavation in 1881.




This city was built in 2600 B.C. in what is known today as Pakistan. It was one of the most ancient urban settlements ever established in the world, and is commonly referred to today as an “Ancient Indus Valley Metropolis.” Around 1700 B.C., the city vanished from history until its discovery in the 1920’s.


Great Zimbabwe


A complex of stone ruins, the Great Zimbabwe was built by the Bantu people during the 11th century. It had as many as 18,000 inhabitants at its peak but due to a significant decline in political stability and trade as well as dramatic climate changes, its people decided to abandon the city.




Hatra was a vast fortified city that existed during the reign of the Parthian Empire. It successfully withstood several invasions by the Romans because of its high and thick walls and towers. In 241 A.D., it fell to the Iranian Sassanid Empire and was utterly destroyed.




It took more than a thousand year to build this city, which started in the 3rd century until the 13th century. It began to decline following the decline of Buddhism in India. The city was rediscovered by a British officer in 1818.

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