25 Incredible Animals That Shaped Human History

There’s no doubt that the average human consider animals to be intellectually and mentally inferior to humankind mainly because of our scientific, technological, intellectual, and medical advancements. However, there have been times where animals have been valuable to our own history. We humans may be at the top of the food chain, but we can’t deny that our very own existence is largely due to animals in some way form or another and nowhere is it more clear than in these 25 incredible animals that shaped human history.

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Congo: The Fascinating Painter


The mere thought that the human race descended from other animals, specifically from apes, could cost you your life in medieval Europe, but from the nineteenth century on (especially after the publication of Darwin’s On The Origin of Species) such theories found fertile ground for deep exploration and many adherents. Congo, an incredibly talented chimp, added more fuel to the validity of such theories with his emotional intelligence, superb artwork, and artistic creativity, which gained him fans around the globe, Picasso being one of them.


The Black Pig That Killed A French King

Black Pig

As Philip of France was having a relaxing day riding his horse alongside his friends a random black pig entered his path, which made his horse flip out and somersault with Philip still in his saddle. The injuries were so bad that the king died the next day and it could be conjectured that this pig may have altered history by preventing Philip from conquering further lands and preventing the whole world from speaking French today instead of English.


Jim The Horse

Jim the horse

Did you know that we have a horse to thank for the diphtheria cure? It’s true. Jim the horse was infected with diphtheria but unlike other animals he didn’t die. Doctors found that his body created antibodies to fight the disease and as such gave doctors the opportunity to use Jim’s incredible immune system to make a serum for humans, with great success. Thus Jim made history by being a medical miracle that helped save the lives of millions of humans and animals around the world.


Tesla’s Cylon Pigeon

Tesla's Cylon Pigeon

Anyone who’s familiar with Tesla’s genius and experiments is probably aware of his odd fascination with pigeons, especially a female pigeon he referred to as the “purpose to my life.” In 1924, this bird landed on his window and died right before his eyes. Tesla later claimed a dazzling light emerged from her eyes while dying, brighter than anything he had ever seen. After that, Tesla was never the same and suffered massive creative frustrations. According to most biographers, if the incident had never occurred Tesla would have offered even more inventions to humankind.


Tibbles “The Terminator”


There have been many cases where we (humans) have systematically caused the extinction of various species, but we never really noticed that the same thing occurs in the animal kingdom. Enter the unique case of Tibbles “The Terminator.” Believe it or not, this cat is the reason for the total extermination of the rare species of a flightless bird known as the Stephens Island wren, and to date, it is the only case where a single living animal (besides humans) wiped out a whole species.

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