25 Impressive Examples Of Roman Architecture

Roman architecture is an architectural style that adopts certain features of ancient Greek architecture and covers most of the structures built in Europe from 508th BC up to the 4th century. This style was used in building archs, domes, temples, and amphitheaters during the era and was developed out of the intention of the ancient Romans to impress others through imposing structures. Here is a list of 25 impressive examples of Roman architecture:


Stadium of Domitian. Rome, Italy. 92 A.D.


The Stadium of Domitian was commissioned by Emperor Titus as a gift to the Roman people, and was used mostly for athletic contests. It used to become part of the Imperial building program of the Field of Mars and was the first venue for athletic activities in Rome. Made of brick and concrete, this stadium has facades that resemble those of coliseums as well as elongated floor plans.


Roman Colosseum. Rome, Italy. 70 to 82 A.D.


Roman Colosseum is an amphitheater in Rome, Italy that is made of cut stone. It features Corinthian engaged columns and Corinthian pilasters. It was inaugurated by Titus in 80 A.D. and has historical significance because it was the first amphitheater ever built in Rome.


Porte S. Andre. Autun, France. Circa -75


Located in Autun, France, Porte S. Andre is a fortified gateway that features four archways, two of which for vehicles and the other two for pedestrians. It has arcaded galleries above its openings, as well as connecting ramparts on its sides.


Port Nigra. Trier, Germany. Unknown

Slide17 File:Trier Porta Nigra BW 4.JPG - Wikimedia Commons commons.wikimedia.org

This large Roman city gate situated in Trier, Germany is known today as the largest of its kind in the north of the Alps. Designated to be part of the Roman Monuments in the Trier UNESCO World Heritage Site, this gate is made of dark-colored stone.


Pont du Gard. Nimes, France. -15 to 14.


Built mostly underground, Pont Du Gard is an ancient Roman aqueduct bridge near Remoulins in southern France. It crosses the gorge of the Gardon and is known as the highest aqueduct bridge during the period. Considered among the best preserved aqueducts in the world, Pont du Gurd was added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 1985.

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