25 Impressive Examples Of Roman Architecture

Roman architecture is an architectural style that adopts certain features of ancient Greek architecture and covers most of the structures built in Europe from 508th BC up to the 4th century. This style was used in building archs, domes, temples, and amphitheaters during the era and was developed out of the intention of the ancient Romans to impress others through imposing structures. Here is a list of 25 impressive examples of Roman architecture:

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Tomb of Caecilia Metella. Rome, Italy. -25


The Tomb of Caecilia Metella is an ancient Roman structure that was constructed at the end of the Roman republican period. It is basically cylindrical in shape and is faced with travertine that has an entablature frieze surrounded with skulls of bulls and garlands.


Thermae of Caracalla. Rome, Italy. 212-216 A.D.


Also known as the Baths of Caracalla, the Thermae of Carcalla used to be the second largest public baths in Rome. The baths were originally decorated with impressive sculptures of famous characters like Hercules and are praised even today for their detailed design and construction.


The Roman Forum. Rome, Italy. -100 to 300


This ancient site in Rome is an assembly of Roman buildings right at the center of ancient Rome, established during the reign of King Augustus. Its foreground is occupied by monuments of famous people in Italy, mostly built out of cut stone and masonry.


Temple of Venus and Rome. Rome, Italy. 123 to 135 A.D.


Located in Rome, the Temple of Venus was dedicated to goddess Venus. It was built of solid marble consisting of eight columns that are positioned on top of a podium ascended by lateral staircases. The original structure featured a statue of Venus and numerous works of art.


Temple of Bacchus. Rome, Italy. 92 A.D.


One of the three main temples in Lebanon, the Temple of Bacchus was built for Dionysus, the Roman god of wine. Considered one of the most impressive Roman temples in the world, this temple is larger than Greece’s Parthenon, with walls adorned by unfluted Corinthian columns.

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