25 Images You Won’t Believe Weren’t Photoshopped

With more and more people becoming proficient at using image editing software like Photoshop it can be hard to tell whether what you see on the internet is real or fake. While most of the time your skepticism is probably going to serve you well, every once in a while you may be in for a bit of shock. These 25 images you won’t believe weren’t Photoshopped will probably do just that.

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The Ship That Almost Crushed A Village


Image SourceOkay, so someone obviously took a picture of some big tanker and plastered it over a peaceful looking village. And to be honest it doesn’t even look like they did a very good job. If that’s what you’re thinking then you are so very wrong. This is the Pasha Bulker. In 2007 it ran aground on Nobby’s beach in Newcastle, Australia and not surprisingly became quite a tourist attraction.


That’s Bear-ly Real

Bruno the bear

Image SourceHere’s another one that’s hard to believe. Besides looking completely out of place, why is everyone smiling? Haven’t they considered what is probably going to happen if there isn’t enough food on the table? Well, apparently they have. Meet Brutus the bear, he’s been raised in captivity his whole life and these days spends his time shooting TV commercials and being best man at weddings (we’re not joking…he was best man at his owner, Casey Anderson’s wedding).


The Mile High Tennis Match

Tennis on the Burj al Arab

Image SourceYes, this really happened. On February 22, 2005 US legend Andre Agassi faced Roger Federer on top of the Burj al Arab in Dubai on a helipad that was converted into a tennis court over 2,723 ft off the ground.


Invisible Hockey Players

Invisible hockey players

Image SourceAlthough at first glance this photo can be a little hard to figure out, there are no invisible hockey players or floating helmets involved. Norway’s Ole-Kristian Tollefsen is simply get his headed pounded by Finland’s Petteri Nokelainen.


Black And White Santa

Black and white santa clause

Image SourceAlright, there’s no way this one can be real, can it? It can. Someone at San Fransisco SantaCon 2009 was just really good with makeup!

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