25 Images You Won’t Believe Weren’t Photoshopped

With more and more people becoming proficient at using image editing software like Photoshop it can be hard to tell whether what you see on the internet is real or fake. While most of the time your skepticism is probably going to serve you well, every once in a while you may be in for a bit of shock. These 25 images you won’t believe weren’t Photoshopped will probably do just that.

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Image SourceMeet Cute and Bambi, these two dogs were born without legs in Quezon City, Philippines. They now reside with their owner, Lope Tulipas, a street vendor.


A Goat Tree

Goats in a tree

Image SourceIt’s not one of those things you see everyday but this a real tree with real goats that would probably see quite a bit of if you were to take a tour of the Moroccan desert.


An Epic Sandstorm

Sandstorm in Iraq

Image SourceSure, this would be easy to Photoshop if someone really wanted to, but that would be completely unnecessary. This picture was taken in 2005 by a photographer in Iraq. Evidently sandstorms in the Middle East are very volatile and can come out of seemingly nowhere.


Cartoon Kleenex

Comic book kleenex by Neil Dawson

Image SourceAlthough it looks like some sort of cartoon was copy and pasted on top of a hill in New Zealand, this sculpture by Neil Dawson is actually made of welded steel. It’s 15 meters high and pretty much looks fake from any angle.


Big Table, Little Bike

A Very, Very Big Table

Image SourceSo is the table really big? Or is the bike really small? If you ever make it out to Hampstead Heath in England you would find the former to be correct. This enormous table and chair sculpture are called “The Writer”. Created by Italian artist Giancarlo Neri, they are a monument to the loneliness of writing.

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