25 Images You Won’t Believe Weren’t Photoshopped

With more and more people becoming proficient at using image editing software like Photoshop it can be hard to tell whether what you see on the internet is real or fake. While most of the time your skepticism is probably going to serve you well, every once in a while you may be in for a bit of shock. These 25 images you won’t believe weren’t Photoshopped will probably do just that.

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Giant gray rabbit

Image SourceWho would have guessed that something normally so cute and fuzzy could become something so terrifyingly huge? Known as giant grays these monster rabbits are bred by Karl Szmolinsky in Germany for food and business is booming. Evidently he even recently sold some to a delegation from North Korea. Evidently


The Ultimate Sinkhole

Diamond mine outside Mirny, Russia

Image SourceNo, it’s not a sinkhole. It’s actually the world’s largest diamond mine found just on the edge of Mirny, Russia. It’s so big in fact that helicopters can’t even fly overhead due to various air currents surrounding it.


Ostrich Racing

Ostrich racing

Image SourceIt’s true, there are places in the world where people race ostriches. We’ll leave it at that.


The Uno


Image SourceWhat do you get when you cross a unicycle with a motorcycle (besides something insanely dangerous and hard to control)? You get the Uno, the worlds first motorcycle with only “one wheel”.


Corn…lots of corn

Somali truck loaded with corn

Image SourceAlthough they probably didn’t make it far, we have to hand it to whoever thought putting a year’s supply of corn on this poor truck would be a good idea. And just in case you’re wondering this picture was taken in Somalia.

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