25 Ideas That Sound Really Good Until They Are Tried

You probably have some ideas for things that you want to do in your life; things that you haven’t ever done before. It could be climbing Mount Everest, going to the moon, or just grabbing lunch at that diner that you’ve always wanted to go to. Regardless of what your aspirations are, you have probably found out by now that not all of them live up to your expectations. Some of them are just…disappointing.

For example, for all of you that have ever gotten caught up in a reverse funnel/multi-level-marketing/pyramid/whatever-they-call-it-these days type scheme, you know the pain. First of all, we would like to say sorry that you wasted your time and were duped (for those of you that are still in it right now, come back and re-read this list in a few months). Other than that though, you are now older, more mature, and wiser. You now know that things often turn out differently than the way you expected. That’s just how life is. You live and you learn. Therefore, the point of today’s list is a bit of comedy mixed with some warnings. For those of you who haven’t tried the things on this list, do so at your own risk. These are 25 ideas that sound good until they are tried.

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Living on tropical islands

Living on tropical islandsImage: pixabay, Source: thoughtcatalog

Just wait until this…..page……takes…….forever………to……………..load.

Tropical Islands are probably a very beautiful places to live, but there aren’t as many modern conveniences that we’ve all grown accustomed to.



PuppiesImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

They are incredibly cute, but they are more work than you ever thought was possible. The good news is that things improve as they get older.


Being the boss

Being the bossImage: pixabay, Source: thoughtcatalog

In reality, being the boss just means you work harder and everybody hates you more. And if they don’t hate you, they still just want their paycheck.


Owning a luxury car

Owning a luxury carImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

Unless you are filthy rich and think you can afford repairs that cost far more than anything you would ever have imagined…don’t do it.


Bringing dinosaurs back to life

Bring dinosaurs back to lifeImage: wikipedia, Source: thoughtcatalog

Have you seen Jurassic Park? It’s never ending…

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