25 Ideas That Are Almost Never Ever Good…Ever

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Ideas can change the world and make it a better place for everybody. They can be the catalyst that triggers the revolution. Ideas are powerful, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious. Sometimes ideas are bad. Like, really bad. These are 25 ideas that are almost never ever good…ever.

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Golden Corral

golden corral

It’s cheap, yes. But next to smoking and BASE jumping, there are few ways to shorten your life expectancy more efficiently.


Taking the counteroffer when leaving a job

moneySource: www.forbes.com, Image: pixabay.com

When you’re about to leave for greener pastures and your boss decides to up your pay, don’t give in. As some experts have pointed out, this can be a major red flag for your future job satisfaction if you stay.


Jumping into water without checking its depth

poolImage: pixabay.com

This can end very badly.


Leaving valuables in your car

canadian street gang

Unless it’s Canada, then you’re okay.


Anything that happens directly following the phrase, “Hey everybody, check this out!”

youtubeImage: pixabay.com

If you don’t know why this is a bad idea, you haven’t spent enough time on Youtube.


Scrolling through social media while going through a hard time

social media treeImage: pixabay.com

Everyone’s life will seem better than yours. Everyone’s.


Grocery shopping while hungry

grocery storeImage: pixabay.com

You’ll want everything.


Gas station sushi

gas stationImage: pixabay.com

It doesn’t matter how good it looks or how hungry you are. Don’t do it!


Taking a sleeping pill and a laxative simultaneously

how about no

You can just imagine how this one ends.


Driving drunk

beerImage: pixabay.com

This is how the vast majority of car accidents happen. 



cigaretteImage: pixabay.com

They’re carcinogenic, expensive, make you smell, and they’re really addictive.


Anything that requires you to say “It’s just a prank bro!” afterwards.

it's a prank

Once again, if you don’t know why this is a bad idea, we have one word for you…Youtube.


Yelling the name of your lost son on a deserted island overrun by dinosaurs

jurassic parkImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Sometimes it seems like the characters in Jurassic Park never learn…


Going to a movie for your first date

movieImage: commons.wikimedia.org

This won’t facilitate any conversation at all.


Using the word “password” as your password

passwordImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Unless you don’t mind other people using your accounts.


Shopping for things without doing your research

shopping-bagsImage: https://pixabay.com/en/photos/shopping%20bag/

Also, believing the sales person.


Invading Russia during winter


Unless you are the Mongols, this is possibly the dumbest idea you could have. Just ask Hitler.


Trying to solve your girlfriend’s problem when she just wants to vent

please don't do it

Let her vent.


Trying to be friends with an ex

bad ideas

In the vast majority of cases, not a good idea.


Co-signing loans for “friends”

piggy bankImage: pixabay.com

Disclaimer: note how “friends” has quotation marks around it. This is very different from friends without quotation marks. We’re assuming that you’re able to tell the difference when it comes to the people in your life.


Running with scissors

scissorsImage: pixabay.com

Your grandma was right about this one. Don’t do it.


Feeding trolls on the internet


Just let it go, you’re wasting your time.


Not flossing

flossImage: pixabay.com

Okay, although the links between flossing and heart disease are disputable, flossing has a very low opportunity cost, and it could still save you thousands in terms of dental work.


Not washing your hands after eating really hot chilis

chiliImage: pixabay.com

It’s only a matter of time before you rub your eyes.


Lending money to people you just met

Nigerian prince

This is especially true if A) you met them online B) they are a Nigerian Prince. But seriously, you may want to consider that money to be a gift rather than a loan, at least from a budgeting standpoint.

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