25 Home Features That Only Rich People Have

Being rich can be a bit like living in a bubble. You don’t have to interact with any non-rich people at all. Your neighborhood is gated, your kids go to private schools, you play golf at expensive golf courses that are also gated, and you shop at pricey stores in parts of town where people without Lamborghinis would never go. The rest of the world is just sort of…out there. Well, that’s us. The poor folks.

From our perspective, the rich life seems a bit mysterious. Make no mistake, most of us want it. It’s just that we’re not even sure about what it really is. Heated driveways? That’s a thing? How does that even work? And seasonal furniture? Okay, wow. So you’re telling me that I have to change my furniture every few months? This all seems like a lot of work! Yup, it is. But guess what? When you can afford to change your furniture that often, chances are you can afford to have people to do that for you. As you may have guessed, rich people have room service not just at their fancy hotels, but in their fancy homes as well.

After reading this post, the next time you drive past that nice gated community, you’ll know what’s hiding on the other side. These are 25 home features that only rich people have!


A library

A libraryImage: Maegan Tintari via Flickr, Source: reddit

This isn’t your ordinary library though. Most of these libraries are full of books that rich people buy simply to stock their library, but never to read. And yes, this is an actual thing. The books are usually old and have antique spines.


Intercoms in every room

IntercomImage: amazon, Source: reddit

So that you can talk to each other about how rich you are without ever having to get up.


A house with a name

named houseImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Nothing screams “I’m rich!” more than naming your house. This is especially true if the name is followed by the word “Estate.”


Lots of space

spacious houseImage: youtube, Source: reddit

Unless you live in Texas, having lots of room is at least a partial giveaway that you’ve got deep pockets.


A basketball court

A basketball netImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit


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