25 Holiday Recipes That Will Make Your Holiday Happy And Bright

Tis the season to eat and cook all the things! Seriously though, whatever Holiday you celebrate, the best part is the food as good food brings everyone together. While we all have standby traditional recipes that have stood the test of time, sometimes it’s nice to change things up a little bit. Whatever your relationship with cooking, be it a can-do attitude or wishful thinking, here are 25 holiday recipes that will make your holiday happy and bright.


White Hot Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Whipped Cream

white-hot-chocolate-with-dark-chocolate-whipped-creamSource & Image: http://culinaryginger.com/

This lavish dessert drink is an inverse of the traditional – white hot chocolate, dark chocolate whipped cream – and is sure to surprise and impress your guests – or yourself. If you want to make it minty, add a peppermint stick or candy cane.




Prosciutto-Wrapped Pork Loin with Roasted Apples

wrappedporkloinSource & Image: http://artdefete.com/

We’re just gonna be honest here, this is one is probably not for the novice cook. This one is more for the person who’s comfortable roasting a chicken and veg for dinner on a Tuesday night without stress. However, if you’re comfortable in the kitchen and looking for something more exciting than another Christmas Turkey, this could be a valid option.


Homemade Cranberry Sauce with Orange and Sage

cranberrysauceprocessSource & Image : http://vegetariansnob.com/

A few things to note about this delicious recipe: 1) It’s vegan, but not specifically so. It’s just that there are no animal products used in this recipe, so it’s good for everyone, no substitutes. 2) It’s NOTHING like cranberry sauce you’ve had before, and please don’t insult it by comparing it to the gel from a can. 3) It’s easy. Like really really easy.


Easy Seafood Paella

catherine-mac_paellaSource & Image: http://www.theprettyblog.com/

If you can cook rice (not minute rice, regular rice), you can make an easy and impressive Paella for you and your friends to gather around this Holiday Season. Beautiful, flavorful, and perfect with a bottle of wine.


Cran-Orange Paleo Macaroons

paleomacaroonsSource & Image: http://www.greatfoodlifestyle.com/

Festive and tasty for those of any particular diet, but it’s always nice to make sure that those who have dietary restrictions can join in on the indulgence, too.

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