25 Historical Photos You Won’t Believe Are Real

Posted by , Updated on August 31, 2015


Many people are fascinated by historical photos. They give us a rare glimpse into a world that could easily be forgotten and preserves these moments well into the future. Taken many decades ago, these vintage images give us a rare glimpse into some of the most unique historical events. Through the course of time, some of these pictures have become real jewels of inestimable value not only for their rarity and antiquity but also for their humanistic revelations. Needless to say, if you are a fan of historical photos, you will enjoy browsing through this post. From a photo depicting the very last public execution in the US to vintage pictures of Adolf Hitler, Bob Marley and even Albert Einstein, you will not believe these 25 historical photos are real.


A lone man refuses to do the Nazi salute, 1936.

saluting crowdImage: rarehistoricalphotos.com

Filming of the iconic MGM opening credits, 1928.

MGM creditsImage: boredomtherapy.com

Arnold Schwarzenegger on his first time in New York City, 1968.

Arnold SchwarzeneggerImage: blazepress.com

The very last public execution in the United States, 1936.

public executionImage: www.history-quiz.com

The legendary Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona, 1925.

Camp Nou StadiumImage: www.trueactivist.com

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