25 Hilariously Shocking Donald Trump Tweets

So, you’re curious about the hilariously shocking Donald Trump tweets? Welcome to the club! Everyone knows Donald Trump loves to tweet. Many have speculated it’s how he’s able to effectively reach out to his base and share his side of the story. But, it’s also a way for him to post really ridiculous and unintentionally funny tweets.  From spouting about Birtherism to contradicting himself, you might not believe some of Donald Trump’s strangest tweets. But, believe it or not, they’re real. Here are 25 Hilariously Shocking Donald Trump Tweets.


Random comments on Diet Coke drinkers.

trump diet coke

His bizarre tweets on Birtherism.


When something is against him it's always fake news.

fake news

His strange comments about Katy Perry.

katy perry

What a heartwarming message on September 11th.

september 11

Featured Image: WikipediaCommons.com. Public Domain. | DonkeyHotey.Donald Trump – Caricature  CC BY 2.0

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