25 Hilariously Inappropriate Toys Your Kids Should Never Have To Play With

Christmas is slowly coming which means millions of parents all over the world will have to think about what presents they should buy for their little ones. The stores will soon be packed with infinite ranges of all types of toys and the parents will have to choose the right ones to buy. While there are certainly many toys that are absolutely suitable and educational, there are other toys that – either purposely or unintentionally – are inappropriate, disturbing, violent or sometimes even perverted. From Unicorn the Impaler to a Hitler dummy, these are 25 hilariously inappropriate toys your kids should never have to play with. Seriously, don’t let your kids play with these inappropriate toys. It would just be completely inappropriate!

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Encouraging baby girls to become strippers is extraordinarily inappropriate and disturbing

elitedaily.com 01-620xelitedaily.com

If you wonder what is wrong with this harmlessly looking toy gun, we will tell you, it is a Japanese version of the Russian roulette for kids.

www.mamamia.com.au japanese-russian-roulettewww.mamamia.com.au

Despite the supposedly cute heart and button eyes, the human teeth make this toy a bizarrely creepy thing.

www.newslinq.com 20-horrifying-toys-to-traumatize-your-child-21-934xwww.newslinq.com

For those who want their kids to become drug dealers, this would be the best Christmas present. Hopefully there are no such parents.

thedingleberry.net drug-dealer-magnet-set_imagegalthedingleberry.net

Let us hope this thing is just very unsuccessful version of a lasso for little cowboys. Thought the "Pretty Death" print on the box tells me it's probably not.

matttoka.buzznet.com large-msg-137117603767matttoka.buzznet.com

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