25 Hilarious Tweets From Married People To Make You Chuckle

Posted by , Updated on December 29, 2016

Marriage is many things, but above all, it is the choice of two people who feel like they love each other enough to spend the rest of their days together.

Twitter is many things, but above all, it is the choice of many people (including our incumbent president…) who feel they love themselves enough to share their days with us in 140 characters or less.

Combining these two things makes for a very realistic and often hilarious look into the lives of married couples, some of whom have endured for many years, and others that seem like they might not make it past the first one.  Either way, we can learn a lot from them (I certainly did). Here are 25 Hilarious Tweets From Married People To Make You Chuckle.

All list images via Twitter; feature image: pixabay (public domain) 


Not exactly health food

hotdog tweet

I can personally attest to that being “high quality” bachelor cuisine.


A unified family


Definitely not “on fleek.”


This could get dangerous.

snoring tweet

At least it sounds like he got a good night’s sleep.


Because Tacos

tacos tweet

That’s true love.


Body language

body language tweet

Mind-reading and sandwich-making. He might be the perfect man.


What must be done

fan tweet

If not now, then when?


Sacrifices must be made.

reality tv tweet

I’m impressed he admitted it.


A fortified definition of marriage

fortified marriage tweet

Nothing’s gonna mess with this couple!


Asking for it

mad wife tweet

Perhaps he likes the attention? (Probably not…)


Subtle hints

jack reacher tweet

Maybe he just really, really likes Tom Cruise?


Gamer life

gamer tweet

At least he’s honest!


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If you think she's mad...

dishes tweet

Almost guaranteed safety. For now.


Don't mess with mom.

sleep through night tweet

I’m guessing that’s a “no.”


Some things are universal.

food tweet

Granted, a lot of it is probably endlessly trying to decide what to eat.


It's a trap!

wife trap tweet

Quick! Change the subject!


Those bills don't pay themselves!

still going to work tweet

Or, maybe she just wants her space.


Let's play a game.

what else tweet

At least one of them is entertained.


Maybe it's best to let her sleep.

not a morning person tweet

Extra points for having the coffee ready!


Whose best friend?

dog tweet

Dogs can love both unconditionally, right?


What are wives for?

sleeping wife tweet

At least we know he’s thinking of her.


It doesn't add up.

odd numbers tweet

Maybe somebody figured out how to marry themselves?


She would do anything for love...

no laundry tweet

…but she won’t do that!


Perfect combo?

blind and deaf tweet

They would compliment each other so well!


The fundamental choice

right to cuddles tweet

Sometimes being right just isn’t worth it.


It's important to be supportive.

decisions tweet

Let’s not make them change their mind.


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