25 Hilarious Tall People Problems

Posted by , Updated on December 1, 2023

There’s no denying being tall has plenty of great benefits. However, most people don’t realize those benefits are only one-half of a double-edged sword. The giants among us face many problems not many think about on a daily basis. From clothing to ceiling height, the struggle is all too real for many tall people. Are you ready to see some of the funniest foes a tall person has? Here are 25 Hilarious Tall People Problems.


Planes, Buses, Cars, Oh My!

tall people planes

For tall people, planes have ridiculously small bathrooms, buses have terribly tight seats, and cars have laughably low ceilings.


Always Bending Down to Hear People

tall and short

When you’re super tall, half the time you can’t hear anyone, especially when you’re in a bar with loud music blasting in the background.


Low Ceilings

too tall to stand

Low ceilings are always a troublesome enemy.


You Become the "Top Shelf Assistant"

reaching high shelf

When you’re tall, shopping at the grocery stores takes thirty minutes longer because everyone needs you to get them something on the top shelf.


Standing Next to Short Friends

tall short friends

When you’re standing next to short friends, it’s like you’re Willy Wonka with an Oompa Loompa.


Difficulty Finding a Good Date

short tall couple

As much as you want to fight against it, having a date that is too short makes things even more complicated.


Awkward Hugs

awkward hug

When you try to hug your date, it often just turns out super awkward. We won’t even get into the kissing problem.


Umbrella Mine-Fields


When it rains outside, a unique enemy rises few people realize. Umbrellas. It’s like trying to avoid razorblades on the street.


Off with Your Head!

tall person photo

When you tower over the average person, you either force the photographer to stand much further back, or they just give up and cut off your head in the frame.


The deep end of the pool is lacking.


For short people, the deep end of the pool is like your Ed Harris traveling into the Abyss. But for tall people, it’s more like sinking your head into the bathtub.


Short Water Fountains

tall water fountain

When you’re really thirsty, but the only water fountain available is the one as tall as your knees.


One size fits all is an insult.

one size fits

One size fits all clearly was written by a short person.


You're always the big spoon.


Even if you want to be the small spoon sometimes, being too tall virtually eliminates that option.


Beds are too small.

tall bed

Your feet don’t know what it’s like to be on the bed.


Blankets are too small.

tall blanket

If you’re cold, getting warm under a blanket is like trying to solve a geometry equation.


Picking your battles with shirt sleeves.

big and tall

Finding shirts that fit in the first place is hard enough, but once they’re washed, you might as well just go buy another.


Everyone expects you to be good at sports.

goal post

Being tall doesn’t mean that person is going to be good at sports. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. Check your expectations at the gate.


Spider Webs

spider on web

People don’t realize how many spider webs there are just a foot above them.


When you don't fit in a shower.

tall shower

Small showers give you the awkward feeling you might have somehow teleported to Santa’s house.


Everyone hates you at shows.

tall guy show

Sometimes being tall is a cross to bear especially when you’re at a rock show and everyone behind you loathes you.


You can never wear green.

green giant

Wearing green as a tall person is practically an invitation to be called the “Jolly Green Giant” fifty times that day.


Fitting rooms don't work.

tall fitting room

Fitting rooms are there to let you have plenty of privacy while you try on the new digs. But for tall people, your head usually sticks out of the top, making it awkward.


Family photos might be lopsided.

tall wedding

If one side of the family in a wedding is much taller than the other, it’s going to look like an optical illusion at a mirror maze.


Full length mirrors are a lie.

tall mirror

Full-length mirrors don’t even come close to covering your full-length.


Ceiling Fans

ceiling fan

As a tall person, being decapitated by a ceiling fan is an ever-present fear.

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