25 Hilarious Soccer Moments You Won’t Believe Weren´t Photoshopped

We often hear that some of the world´s top soccer players sometimes look more like fashion models than sportsmen. They drive the most expensive cars, wear the trendiest, most luxurious clothes, always have their hairstyles perfectly combed…. However, there is another side of their appearance. Immersed in the heat of the game experiencing intense and emotional moments, the very same players can look incredibly awkward, ridiculous, funny and sometimes even creepy. To see how hilarious some of the world´s greatest soccer players’ most absurd moments, check out these 25 hilarious soccer moments you won’t believe weren’t Photoshopped.

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Yes, even the world´s highest paid soccer player and fashion icon Mr. Ronaldo has his weird moments.

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But it can get worse…

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Much worse.

25 Hilarious Soccer Moments You Won't Believe Weren´t Photoshoppedacidcow.com

Soccer can get very intense and put the players in some of the most improbable positions like this Tetris pose.

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But it is always important to get reconciled with your opponent and a friendly kiss cannot do any harm.

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