25 Hilarious Soccer Moments You Won’t Believe Weren´t Photoshopped

We often hear that some of the world´s top soccer players sometimes look more like fashion models than sportsmen. They drive the most expensive cars, wear the trendiest, most luxurious clothes, always have their hairstyles perfectly combed…. However, there is another side of their appearance. Immersed in the heat of the game experiencing intense and emotional moments, the very same players can look incredibly awkward, ridiculous, funny and sometimes even creepy. To see how hilarious some of the world´s greatest soccer players’ most absurd moments, check out these 25 hilarious soccer moments you won’t believe weren’t Photoshopped.

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If the opponent is faster than you, you can either give him a little discreet pull…

9worldcup.com Funny-soccer-79worldcup.com

…or jump on his back.

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Hey, Ferdinand, where did you hide the ball?

ermisvfland.wordpress.com tevez-ferdinandermisvfland.wordpress.com

Zidane has always been famous for his unique shooting technique.

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Sometimes, the player has to be shown the card in detail so that he understands.

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