25 Hilarious Similarities You Won’t Believe Are Not Photoshopped

If your imagination is vivid enough, you can discover incredible and funny look-alikes all around you every day. Have you ever thought there could be something like a green pepper that looks like Rocky Balboa? Or instant noodles that strikingly resemble Justin Timberlake´s hair? To see some of the most hilarious similarities from every day life, check out today´s post! Caution: Watching some of these pictures can cause uncontrollable fits of laughter.

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One of Rocky’s biggest fans sems to be a green pepper.

www.thepoke.co.uk AjwAwjIwww.thepoke.co.uk

If dogs look like their owners, than someone stole Richard Branson’s dog…and we found the culprit! You’re welcome Mr. Branson.

www.boredpanda.com 20-Dogs-That-Look-Like-Something-Else13__700www.boredpanda.com

Dog thieves are everywhere these days! But not to worry Mr. Putin. We found your dog as well.

dailycaller.com Vladmir-Putin-dogdailycaller.com

Honestly, we don’t know what was going through Justin’s head when this happened. Maybe he was hungry?

www.blackblessedblog.com none1124__700www.blackblessedblog.com

The strange moment when you meet a real life Cartman on a bus.

boredpanda.com things-look-like-similar-13__700boredpanda.com

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