25 Hilarious Pictures of People Being Blasted By Wind

Have you ever seen a hilarious picture of people being blasted by wind? No? Well, get ready, because we have a treat for you. Wind blowing in your face only happens at certain moments. You usually feel the breeze on your cheeks when driving a convertible with the top down, road tripping on your motorcycle, or sitting on a rollercoaster. But have you ever imagined how you really looked like whenever you get wind blasted in your face? You may have seen it in the movies or on certain TV shows but artist Tadao Cern actually created a photo shoot with this concept. He had over 100 models test how a gale-force wind-making machine distorts people’s faces. These are 25 hilarious pictures of people being blasted by wind.

20 Wind blastSource: www.tadaocern.com
19 Wind blastSource: www.tadaocern.com

18 Wind blastSource: www.tadaocern.com
17 Wind blastSource: www.tadaocern.com

16 Wind blastSource: www.tadaocern.com

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