25 Hilarious Photos of Dogs Who Think They Are Humans

Dogs are supposed to be men´s best friends and most of the dog owners fully identify with that old saying. They are our faithful companions, watchful protectors and beloved darlings but some of them obviously want to be more. Check out these 25 funny pictures of dogs who think they are humans.

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No worries guys. Been driving here many times.

yachtpals.com dog-boat-dogyachtpals.com

Brazil lost 1:7. Can you believe it?

www.yourdogpictures.com 0000000264-c6be2ceb7751293c11c052798371155a-dog-reading-newspaperwww.yourdogpictures.com

Do I look like I want to go for a walk?

www.thepetproductguru.com DOG-BEERwww.thepetproductguru.com

I was just about to hit the sack but never mind, what´s going on?

www.textually.org dog.cell-1www.textually.org

I hate those unmannered dogs that don’t clean after themselves.

www.sodahead.com smart dogwww.sodahead.com

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