25 Hilarious Grammar Fails You Won’t Believe People Actually Made

Posted by , Updated on August 16, 2017

Ah, grammar. Now, before we start, let’s be clear: we are not mocking those who speak English as a second (or third) language, basic auto-correct typos, or a specific ethnic dialect within the United States. No, we’re openly mocking those who were likely raised in the United States, provided a public education, and choose to be lazy or woefully ignorant in their written communication. If you’re intelligent enough to navigate Facebook, you’re intelligent enough to use spellcheck. For shame. Here are 25 Hilarious Grammar Fails You Won’t Believe People Actually Made.


It's a fair question, but the answer is probably just a product of chronic laziness.

inallhonestySource: http://www.smosh.com/smosh-pit/photos/best-hilarious-facebook-grammar-fails

You know those friends you might forget about but are still there for you even if you don't connect with them everyday? Commas are that friend.

COMMAS PLEASESource: http://failblog.cheezburger.com/failbook/tag/grammar

Okay, okay, I'll take the caramels. No need to go all caps lock about it...

caramelsSource: http://offbeat.topix.com/slideshow/15994/slide16

This doesn't scream join our cult at ALL...


It's the dose that makes a poison...

It's the dose that makes a poisonSource: http://www.smosh.com/smosh-pit/photos/best-hilarious-facebook-grammar-fails

Imagine if your English teacher graded you on your Facebook comments and rants.

EnglishResultSource: http://www.smosh.com/smosh-pit/photos/20-more-hilarious-facebook-grammar-fails

Just guessing here, but it's probably not an award related to writing or literature.


This made me cross my eyes and throw up a little.

ThismademethrowupalittleSource: http://offbeat.topix.com/slideshow/15994/slide16

Gentle reminder to the universe: Do not use an apostrophe + s to make a regular noun plural. Use of an apostrophe before an S means it’s possessive, as in belonging to. Example: Moms = more than one mom. Mom’s = belonging to mom. Additionally, “inside” is one word, not two. There’s more, but let’s stop here.


Honestly, I don't think that you do.

HonestlyIdontthinkyoudoSource: http://failblog.cheezburger.com/failbook/tag/grammar

Hell came, Hell saw, Hell felt there was nothing here worth conquering and went home for a glass of wine and a nap.

hellcameSource: http://www.smosh.com/smosh-pit/photos/20-more-hilarious-facebook-grammar-fails

Some people are just in a committed relationship with spellcheck.

CommitedrelationshipSource: http://www.smosh.com/smosh-pit/photos/20-more-hilarious-facebook-grammar-fails

Well that escalated quickly.


He stated he felt confused and slightly alarmed.

warm squishySource: http://failblog.cheezburger.com/failbook/tag/grammar

Love can sometimes makes us blind to the faults of others, including math and linguistic skills.

andthtsiloveyouSource: http://www.smosh.com/smosh-pit/photos/20-more-hilarious-facebook-grammar-fails

I'm going to have to give a hard pass on this babysitting resume.

HardPassSource: http://offbeat.topix.com/slideshow/15994/slide16

Genious is the knockoff brand of Genius.

HM_GeniousSource: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/spelling-grammar-mistakes

It's called the Oxford Comma. You may want to look into that.

OxfordCommaSource: http://offbeat.topix.com/slideshow/15994/slide16

When you're short on staff, just have the office cat walk across your keyboard. People read the news online now anyway.

Jets goes whuatSource: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/14-worst-typos-ever

You shouldn't talk to your dad that way. It's disrespectful and makes you look like an idiot, even more so when your spelling and grammar are this poor.

DadSource: http://www.oddee.com/item_98196.aspx

Don't take until ded. Never do that.


Between this and Starbucks, Kmart never had a chance against Target.

Kmart_School_SuppliesSource: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/spelling-grammar-mistakes

I'd like to buy a noun.

AfricansSource: http://www.viralnova.com/grammar-fails/

Your grammar is so bad you soil the reputation of Santa. You don't even get coal for Christmas; you get an Elementary School English workbook.

NopeSource: http://www.smosh.com/smosh-pit/photos/20-hilarious-facebook-grammar-fail

I feel like that's something your teacher has never actually said to you.

Ifeelliketheydidn'tsaythatSource: http://failblog.cheezburger.com/failbook/tag/grammar

This poor child never had a chance. Let us all pray the mother's comment is very poor satire.

Poor kidSource: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/14-worst-typos-ever

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